ASBLT specializes in evaluating the physical condition of buildings. We help buyers and sellers make informed decisions about their real estate sale or purchase. We also help owners and managers make informed decisions about the upkeep of their properties.


Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a systematic review process that uses scientific methods to evaluate the cause and extent of failures of a building’s components or operation. PCA is primarily used during the sale or purchase of real estate and to help establish capital needs.   PCA can be as limited or as comprehensive as required. We can assess an individual building system, or we can assess the entire building. When we have completed our inspection, we document conditions in a written and photographic report. We can provide remedial solutions, estimate the cost of repairs, or provide expert witness testimony, depending on your needs.

Benefits for real estate sales

  • Inform sellers and buyers of property conditions.
  • Assist in establishing a fair market price.
  • Strengthen disclosure statements to minimize post-sale litigation.
  • Speed-up closings
  • Benefits for real estate management

  • Inform owners and property managers of property conditions.
  • Establish capital improvements and repair costs.
  • Recommend appropriate building maintenance procedures.
  • Building Forensics

  • Use scientific methods to evaluate the cause & extenet of failures of a building's components &/or operations
  • Focus on problems due to: construction defects; building envelope failures; improper maintenance; humidity problems; moisture instrusion; HVAC & plumbing failures; inadequate ventilation; and natural disasters.
  • Provide remedial solutions, estimated cost of repairs & expert witness testimony to indentified problem(s).
  • Meet Our Team!

    We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

    Rick Engebretson


    Rick is the President of R.L. Engebretson and has a wide range of architectural experience across a number of fields, including real estate, construction, and forensic architecture. Rick provides expertise at every stage of a project, from initial consultation and programming to construction administration.

    David Skarphol

    Certified Thermographer

    With 39 years of expertise in mechanical construction, as well as being a master plumber, Dave has tackled problems and created solutions in every conceivable scenario. He has a skill set that never seems to stop growing as he is now leading our thermal scanning forensic division.

    John Skarphol

    Building Forensics Technicican

    With 37 years of experience in company ownership, superintendent, and project managing John has worked on a wide variety of buildings with a wide range of size and scope. He has a long history of Retro Fit experience along with repair and problem solving for construction.


    ASBLT's Property Condition Assessment team consists of professionals practicing architecture, engineering, construction, and property management. We have experience in construction litigation and building forensics. In 2008, ASBLT joined forces with the RLE Group. This partnership has expanded our resources to more than 40 personnel, and has provided access to many in-house services. It has also expanded our service area. The RLE Group has an office in Fargo, North Dakota, and is licensed to practice architecture in 20 states.

    Visual Observation

    For our building forensic work visual observation is the first step in understanding and rooting out the owner perceived building problem(s). We review any drawings and written documentation of the construction to focus into possible areas of concern.

    Thermal Imaging

    During the visual observation tasks, we will utilize infrared imaging technology to provide a variety of thermographic views of the building systems.

    Destructive Testing

    Destructive testing is removing building materials/components to obtain visual confirmation of the problem and photo documentation to be used in solving, detailing and correcting the building problem.

    Forensic Evaluation Levels

    Depending on the size of the building forensic services can be as simple as a visual walk-through with a verbal report or as extensive as a full report with an in-depth solution(s) with repair cost estimate.


    Thermal Imaging goes beyond the surface!.

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